Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We do not remove reviews from the newsletter or our website

It has never been JERRs policy to remove reviews from the website. Removing reviews from the newsletter is not an option either, as once the newsletter is mailed, that's it, there is no going back.

Under extraordinary circumstances we agreed not to upload certain reviews to the website. However, those situations didn't involve the "I do not like the reviews you did of my books, remove them or ". Trying to bully us, threats, insults, and name calling are not going to work either. As a matter of fact, even if you came to us as the meekest thing in the universe, we would be forced to tell you "sorry, no can do".

Our reviews are individual reviews, this means each review expresses a single individual's opinion.  Some people will like your books, others will not.  I happen to hate Nora Roberts writing style and yet, she's a multimillionaire.  Know what I mean?

Again, sorry, but you have to make an extraordinarily strong case for us to agree to remove a review.  Coming to us using a derogatory "I am the Queen, Obey Me!" or "how dare you review my books without my permission" attitude, insults, saying that the reviewer basically doesn't know how to read, and threats do not constitute a strong, logical and reasonable case, hence, that type of strategy will not work.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

JERR newsletter does not accept automatic mailings of new releases from publishers

Though during the first few years of operations JERR was able to review about 90% of all new book submissions for review it received, the increase in the number of erotic romance releases started affecting the output. In addition, when JERR decided to switch to a monthly publication schedule, the output was further substantially reduced. As a result, JERR has decided to go list only. This means that JERR is no longer accepting automatic submissions of books for review from publishers.

Any publisher of erotic romance that has been in business for at least 18 months and that may be interested in the JERR newsletter reviewing their books, is welcome to send a listings of their new releases to our jerrqueries at gmail dot com or queries at justeroticromancereviews dot com.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Links to reviews


JERR is not a professional reviewing publication either, this means that our funds come solely from the few ads we sell to authors. We are able to cover the cost of keeping our website up and cover mailing costs of contest prizes and print copies of ARCs (which are not a lot but we do have reviewers overseas). However, that is the extent of it.

JERR never promises and has never promised to send links to any publishers. The reason for this is that everyone at our subscription free publication works for it on a voluntary only basis. Not a single person at JERR earns a single dime out of working for JERR and each and every single person involved with JERR has a full time day job and/or goes to school.

The decision to open a sister website to the publication was made as a courtesy to authors and publishers and also to use it as a marketing tool. In the short term it has worked fine, in the long term it has come to bite us in the ass as it now seems people do not get the simple fact that JERR IS NOT A REVIEWS WEBSITE, BUT RATHER A PUBLICATION.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JERR and plagiarism

All of the reviewers at JERR are REQUIRED to write 100% original reviews.  We've had situations in which a reviewer's summary paragraph sounded too much like the book's blurb.  In those situations, if we catch the similarities, we expressly ask the reviewer to please paraphrase as much as possible.  Yes, we did have a reviewer who got into the habit of using the book blurbs as published, almost verbatim.  The reviewer was duly warned and we kept a very close eye on her from that point forward.  Taking whole chunks from a book blurb is, at least for us, the equivalent of cheating. 

Furthermore, if a reviewer decides to review the same book but for two different sites (ours and wherever else she may be reviewing for), we require that the reviewer write COMPLETELY different reviews.  Suffice it to say, we have yet to have one instance in which a reviewer even tried to review the same book for multiple sites. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some reviews have an ISBN, others don't. Why is that?

When JERR started, we always included an ISBN number as part of the general information of the books we reviewed. We didn't have problems back then, but as new publishers opened their doors to business, issues involving ISBN numbers started to pop up . Let's just say that some publishers were rather sloppy and the ISBNs they were providing with their book blurbs were not matching the ISBNs within the book. In some instances the ISBN included with the blurb, the ISBN in their website, and the ISBN within the book did not match. And yes, we went through the hassle of crossreferencing. We also found out about at least one publisher that was using FAKE ISBNs (of course, that publisher is not in business any longer). It became such a drag to deal with ISBNs -- the output of reviews was about 100 reviews a month so you can imagine the sort of nightmare crossreferencing became -- that in the end, the owners decided to outright get rid of the ISBNs.

And there you have it. This is why JERR does not use include ISBNs. We may or may not start including them again in future. For the time being, however, things will remain as they are.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I submitted my book for review, why hasn't it been reviewed...

Though we do aim at providing reviews of all the books we accept for review, provided that they actually meet our guidelines as described in our website, fact is that we can't provide an automatic guarantee as to if the book will be reviewed. 

There are several reasons for this.  For example, our team works on a voluntary basis as we can't pay them salaries.  We also receive a large amount of books every month.  Since I can't read everything we get to determine if a book is an erotic romance or not or if the book meets our graphic language content requirement, sometimes we don't find out that a book does not meet all of our requirements until after it has been requested for review.

Bottomline, we will continue doing our best to have your book reviewed as long as it meets all of our requirements.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was told that JERR reviewed my book... but where is my review?!?!?

Every once in a while I get one of these: "I received notice (or I was told) that JERR reviewed my book... but I can't find the review! "
The first thing that everyone should keep in mind is that JERR is a reviews NEWSLETTER not a reviews website. This means that we operate somewhat differently from a reviews site. Though we do have a website, truth is that we simply use it as a repository. The reviews, under normal circumstances, are uploaded 3-4 weeks after the original publication date of the review.

To anyone wanting to link asap to a review that is not yet available in the website, we recommend that you link to the Yahoo group that we use to mail the newsletter. However, do not try to read the newsletter from the forums. Yahoo has a word limit on posts, and all messages get a [truncated] note where the message is automatically cut off. If you need to check a full copy of the newsletter, simply log on to the Yahoo group, and on the left hand side you'll see a menu. Choose Files from that menu. There you will find full copies of all our newsletters, organized by date. It's not as easy as actually just linking to the website, but it provides a solution for those that really want to link to their review asap.

Last but not least, if after you checked in the newsletter's group Files you still can't find your review, drop me a note. I'll look into it.

Just so everyone is aware, about two years to a year and a half ago we did have issues with the uploading of reviews to the website. Since everyone involved at JERR works full time jobs, we had to put a stop to the sending out of links or hard copies of reviews.  We are up to speed now, but we've had to adapt to some new things i.e a monthly publication schedule instead of twice a month, a new website that enabled us to modernize our procedures a bit, etc.  Now we are currently working having everything set up properly and we have started sending out links to our reviews in the website on a monthly basis. We are still hitting the occasional snag, but we don't foresee any issues.